How is The Thoroughbred Store different from other online platforms for selling horses?

1) The Thoroughbred Store focuses solely on Thoroughbred racing and breeding prospects. Our audience is primarily BUYERS of RACING PROSPECTS.

2) The Thoroughbred Store performs a level of due diligence before approving users.

ALL buyers and sellers (anyone who joins the site) will need to be approved before joining. This is THE KEY DIFFERENCE that separates The Thoroughbred Store from the other sales websites out there. As someone who has worked with the Dept. of Defense (even now) and the Intelligence community for many years, their first line of security is the proper vetting of all individuals who are allowed access to their information and systems.

Of course, we won’t be running full background checks on everyone like the federal government does, but we will be doing some basic due diligence to make sure that anyone given access to the site are folks of good standing in the racing community. This will hopefully eliminate 90% of the possible pain points that could arise on this site and on other similar sites.

Given the current environment of public scrutiny that the Thoroughbred racing industry has found itself in recently, keeping the system closed off from industry outsiders will also hopefully stave off those who seek to do harm to our industry and its commerce, namely groups like PETA, Horse Racing Wrongs, HSUS, ASPCA, and other similar far-Left animal rights activist organizations.

3) Your ad never expires. However, we will follow up with people to see if the horses listed have been sold so we can keep our resource usage in check.

4) We will be following and highlighting horses sold on our site for their accomplishments on the racetrack. Major auction houses highlight their graduates. This concept keeps buyers coming back to the marketplaces to find more high-quality bloodstock.

5) For just $39 per year ad with a 10-photo limit, our pricing combined with our ad features and search criteria make The Thoroughbred Store one of the best values for selling your Thoroughbred.


Our Competition:

EquineNow allows users to post any kind of horse for 3 months. Your horse can easily get lost in the mix because you are selling with both OTTBs and racing stock. 

Target Audience and Ad Duration Advantage - The Thoroughbred Store

Starquine has more focus but charges $99 per horse and $50 for auction RNA's.

Pricing Advantage - The Thoroughbred Store

EquineGateway charges well over $100 for two year olds in training and other listings, though they do include an automated catalog page for your horse. The Thoroughbred Store allows you the seller to upload your own catalog page and past performance reports in PDF format.

Pricing Advantage - The Thoroughbred Store

None of our competitors, restrict membership or have a pre-approval process for new members, creating an environment that can be infiltrated by those seeking harm to our industry. 

Security Advantage - The Thoroughbred Store 

Our Features:

For buyers, you can search for horses based on:

  • State (location)
  • Eligible race conditions
  • Offered As criteria
  • Engagements
  • Sex
  • Age class (weanling, yearling, two year old in training, or horse of racing age)

Buyers can also view the following ad features, if provided by the seller.

  • Up to 10 photos of the horse
  • Video link
  • Catalog page / pedigree
  • Past Performances / Race Record

For our sellers:

You have the opportunity to provide useful search criteria for the buyers with all of the criteria mentioned above for the buyers, all for just $39 per horse per year.

You can also list your horse with added piece of mind knowing that the people looking at your ads are active Thoroughbred industry folks who are looking for horses that fit their racing and/or breeding programs.

As a gentle reminder, both buyers and sellers are encouraged to perform their own due diligence (pre-sale vet checks, buyer references, etc.) with any and all transactions conducted through The Thoroughbred Store. The Thoroughbred Store offers no warranty or has any legal responsibility for any horse sold through this site.