We've all heard about Facebook taking down groups and pages dedicated to selling racehorses (and other livestock, but particularly targeting racehorses). So, The Thoroughbred Store was born. The Thoroughbred Store is a site run by a Thoroughbred racing industry participant, specifically, a breeder. Yes, there are other sites and social media platforms that can be used for selling racehorses, but this Thoroughbred industry insider doesn't trust MeWe anymore than I do Facebook. Plus, MeWe isn’t focused enough for the Thoroughbred racing industry. Ads posted there can get lost in the shuffle. 

The Thoroughbred Store's unique platform will be tailored specifically to the needs of the Thoroughbred racing industry. A standardized ad format will ensure that you the seller can get the right audience for your horse that you're selling and that the buyers can quickly hone in on the type of horse they are looking to add to their racing stable or breeding program.

Yes, there are other websites that offer ads for horses, but not specifically for Thoroughbreds and definitely not focused on the needs of Thoroughbred racing's end-users, the trainers and owners who campaign racehorses.

In order to keep non-benevolent organizations such as PETA, Horse Racing Wrongs (HRW), and HSUS out of this space, users of this site will be invited privately, either by the site owner or other members. Most importantly, this site will never be for sale to any of those groups or any others like them. We are committed to doing what we can to keep commerce in the Thoroughbred industry accessible and affordable to small and large operations alike.


$39 per horse per year.

At the end of the ad cycle, you can resubmit your existing ad for renewal, otherwise the ad will be archived.

NOTE: This site is for racing and breeding prospects ONLY. No retired geldings, please. All horses on this site should be suitable for future racing and/or breeding.