Are you sick of Facebook censoring sale ads for Thoroughbred racehorses and other stock? Are you sick of Facebook taking down entire groups dedicated to the private commerce of racing stock?

Introducing The Thoroughbred Store!

The Thoroughbred Store is a new website where you will be able to buy and sell Thoroughbred race horses and breeding prospects. Buyers will be able to search by conditions, location, sex, color, preferred surface, etc. Catalog pages will also be optionally included in listings, if provided by the seller.

The most important feature: membership (to both buy and sell) to this site will be accessible BY INVITATION ONLY to known Thoroughbred racing industry participants (trainers, owners, breeders) or with verifiable references from other known industry participants. Approval for membership required. We do not want PETA, HSUS, or any other Left-wing animal rights activist groups that actually euthanize perfectly healthy animals getting involved.

Prices for posting an ad will be reasonable and the tools will be easy to use.

Site advertisers will also be welcome.

This is an offering completely separate from Thoroughbred Catalog, which is for the auction houses. This will not conflict with the existing service because my existing clients sell yearlings and two-year-olds in training only in their regional markets.

Stay tuned for more information as the site is built out and becomes ready for use. Hoping to have a site up and ready by February.

NOTE: This site is for racing and breeding prospects ONLY. No retired geldings, please. All horses on this site should be suitable for future racing and/or breeding.